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Started the Musical Voyage on 28 October 2005.
Short Description: Working on Indian Classical Music based on Santipur, Nadia, W.B.
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Company Overview: Bloomed in 2005 at Santipur, one of the ancient centres of religion, culture and education of the undivided Bengal, Ragini started the voyage with the observance of Vijoya Sammilani, a programme on Indian Classical Music to celebrate the triumph of Goodness over Evil, the essence of Vijoya after Durga Puja festival. Inspite of the initial days of hardship and toil Ragini got itself registered (S/1L/3668) in 2006, becoming Santipur Ragini, and constituted her do's and don'ts to step towards future spreading fragrance to persons & places near and far.

Long Description

Our Classical Music Fest is a Music Conference with a difference. Before the concert in presence of a healthy audience at the nicely decorated Geeta Palace a trip is arranged for guests and artists to make them feel the pulse of the heritage town visiting Goswami Temples, Babla Adwaitya Path (where the holy shoe or Kharam of Lord Chaitanya is preserved for devotees), house of Mahatma Bijoy Krishna Goswami, spot beside the Ganges Where Aadi Kobi Krittibas transcreated Bengali Ramayana. Lunch is arranged with Bhog Prasad of Lord Krishna at Baro Goswami Temple.


1) To serve Indian Classical Music
2) To search talent and sincerely try to brood them.
3) Create a ready audience with fortnightly programs.
4) Arrange learning and listening classes and if possible, arrange Music Workshop.
5) Arrange an Annual Classical Music fest every year-paying tribute toan illuminating son of Santipur.
6) Sincerely try to help learners learn communicating English class and computer.
7) Try to help poor needy students in the area.
8) Arrange motivation classes
9) Arrange a seminar every year in memory of Dr.Basu Kr. Bagchi.


1) Arrange fortnightly/monthly programs in Ragini office to offer stage to learners.
2) Also arrange programs on other traditional music forms.
3) Arrange motivational classes,seminars and lecture demonstrations occasionally.
4) Communicating English class on Sunday.
5) An Annual Classical Music Fest every year.
6) Dr.Basu Kr.Bagchi Annual Memorial lecture every year.


We released two CDs :
i) Santoor Maker & Player - Subir Mukherjee with Avijit Kastha in Tabla from Bihaan Music, Kolkata
ii) An album of Bengali Lyrical Compositions by Sriti Majumder (Sanyal).
SWARUP O SWADHARMA, a book, a colletion of articles of Sri Brojalal Bandyopadhyay was published by Santipur Ragini. Quest Z released a CD of Pt. Alok Lahiri - Avishek Lahiri in 2011 Annual Conference.

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Address:        Santipur Ragini, Kashyap Para, Santipur, Nadia, West Bengal
Mob:           +919434452399
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E-mail:      santipurragini2005@gmail.com